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如何使用Shadowrocket自动切换节点 - MINIRPLUS:2021-4-6 · Shadowrocket有一个功能是可以自动对列表节点进行定时测速并切换到最快节点,如果某个节点无法访问,会自动进行切换而不需要手动进行干预,下面就是设置的方法。 打开Shadowrocket—》全局路由—》速度测试—》添加分组—》勾选节点—》返回—》启用URL测试—》完成设置 高级设置

Often, popular tales of a word’s origin arise. Sometimes these are true; more often they are not. While it can be disappointing when a neat little tale turns out to be untrue, almost invariably the true origin is just as interesting. And in the cases where it’s not, the search can help sharpen our critical thinking skills.

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8 May 2020

付费shadowsock账号哪里买 - 马洪飞博客:2021-12-11 · 付费shadowsock账号哪里买? 这个问题很难回答,目前科学上网一半可以分为以下几种: ss ssr v2ray wireguard 1和2目前阻断比较严重,墙高了。。。 3的话目前直接tcp阻断严重,ws的话偶尔有阻断,ws + tls 目前还可以,暂时无阻断,待观察。

It’s now easier to join and post to the discussion forums. There’s a new Captcha system that will, hopefully, weed out the bots that attempt to spam the site. Additionally, I also must approve each new user’s first post.

While I’ve done the best I can at troubleshooting problems in advance, let me know if something doesn’t work or you encounter broken links.

I’m also engaged in updating and revising the older Big List entries, so you should start to see a steady stream of new and revised posts for various words and phrases. As part of this revision, I’m including much lengthier quotations, and not just the short snippets that you find in most dictionaries, including the Oxford English Dictionary. Since this site is online, I have the luxury of not being constrained by the space limitations that ordinary dictionaries have. Also, I now have access, through Princeton University Library,* to a huge range of databases and materials that were previously unavailable to me. So, I can provide expanded versions of the quotations found in other dictionaries. My thinking here is that not only will the longer quotations provide a clearer understanding of exactly how a word or phrase was used, but the longer quotations place the terms in historical and cultural context, and are often just plain fun to read.

* = I mean no disrespect the other university libraries where I have worked—they have been excellent—but Princeton is simply awash with cash, and they use it to purchase access to an ungodly amount of material.


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